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With its attractive and eclectic neighbourhoods, Brussels is undoubtedly many cities embraced into one. As the capital of Europe, and home to multinational businesses and international political institutions, it has a vibrant, cosmopolitan ambiance.

With residents coming from across Europe and the world, living in diverse districts throughout the metropolitan area, Brussels makes everyone feel at home. Where would you like to live?

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Brussels green zone, around Brussels neighborhoods, parks and family area's Green Zone
The airport and Nato as a living area and neighborhood Airport-NATO
The European district and it's facilities as a neigborhood European District

About this neighbourhood

Airport Nato

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The locals say

Enjoy a family picnic in the park, or connect with nature with a woodland walk, all without having to leave the city.

It’s a foodie heaven too, with some of the city’s best restaurants. This oasis in the capital is renowned for its quality of life with peaceful, verdant spaces, beautiful homes and some excellent international schools.


This was originally a rural part of Belgium and up until the mid-20th century it was predominantly a farming community. Over recent decades it has formed part of modern Brussels with a mix of planned business and residential development, conveniently located between the city centre and the international airport.

Points of interest

As well as having the city parks of Parc Josaphat and Parc Shuman, this is also home to the Mini Europe theme park, with its iconic ‘Atomium’ structure built for the 1958 World Fair, probably the most recognised attraction in the city.

Public transport

One of the most compelling advantages to this neighbourhood is its proximity to the airport, making international travel, and business meetings much easier.

It is a popular location for international businesses and organisations, as it is close to both the airport and the NATO HQ.


Modern shopping centres including Evere Paduwa and Woluwe, and other modern retail parks are within easy reach in this neighbourhood, whilst local transport can quickly take you to the fashionable shopping streets of central Brussels.