Our checklist before moving

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Check you have internet banking set up on your existing accounts, so you can manage your finances from abroad.

Give the bank your new contact details, and if your bank does not have a local office or affiliate in Brussels, please ask SRS for details of local banks so you can open a Belgian account for your living expenses, as well as of course, for paying the rent and utilities for your new home.

Register at townhall

When you arrive in Brussels you will need to register with your local authority.

Your consultant at SRS will be able to advise you, but you will need up-to-date ID and a copy of your registered lease agreement.

Change subscription addresses

Advise product and service providers that you are moving, as telephone, cable television and internet services will need to be cancelled or transferred to the person renting your home. You may also want to suspend or change the tariff of your mobile phone provider.


As the date of your relocation gets nearer, start to prepare your own check list of actions you need to do, such as making packing lists, contacting your local utility suppliers, checking that travel and driving documents are up-to-date, and mail is forwarded.

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Make sure you have copies of all important financial and insurance policies.

Advise your insurer that you are moving and also arrange new insurance to cover your belongings in transit to Belgium, as well as for the contents of your new rental home.


It is a good idea for you and the family to visit your doctor for a check-up, have your prescriptions fulfilled and get a copy of your records for your new doctor. In Brussels you can register with the local health authority or choose a private practitioner.

practical advice when moving abroad

Move with your pets

Check the latest restrictions on bringing your pets into Belgium, as they differ depending on where you live.

As a minimum your pet (dogs, cats and ferrets) must have an ID ‘passport’, a microchip and be vaccinated against rabies and other diseases.

Move with your car

If you would like to bring over your car, you can either book a transporter, or drive it over. For both options you need to contact your insurer, so the car is covered in transit, and once in Brussels you will need to register the vehicle and take out insurance.

Move with your kids

As well as considerations such as valid passports and education reports for their new school, there are well-being issues, such as making time for them to say goodbye to relatives and friends, and making sure they have comforting items for the journey.